Research Advisory Committee

Following the recommendations of the Ad Hoc Faculty Science Review Committee which produced its report in 2009, the Dean for Research and Graduate Education reconstituted the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), which consists of faculty members with varying degrees of administrative experience who represent a wide spectrum of academic diversity throughout the Biological Sciences Division and the University of Chicago Medical Center. In order to achieve a balance of experienced leadership and new perspectives, the committee consists of both standing members, who serve three- to five-year terms and rotating members, who serve two-year terms.

The RAC serves as a key advisory body to the Dean for Research and Graduate Education on all aspects of research and graduate education in the BSD. The RAC works with BSD faculty to tackle priority academic issues, including but not limited to academic advocacy, graduate education, core facilities, and the development of a long-term, Division-wide academic plan. The Research Advisory Committee has appointed smaller, more focused faculty committees to address many of these issues.

Standing Members
Conrad Gilliam, Dean for Research & Graduate Education, Chair
John Cunningham, MD, Co-Chair
Victoria Prince, PhD, Co-Chair
Nancy Cox, PhD
Richard Fehon, PhD
Michelle LeBeau, PhD
Karl Matlin, PhD
Julian Solway, MD
Ronald Thisted, PhD

Rotating Members

Deborah Burnet, MD
Tobin Sosnick, PhD
Matthew Stephens, PhD

To contact the Research Advisory Committee, please email:
* Please note that this email will send your message to all members of the committee.