Dean for Research and Graduate Education

The role of the Dean for Research and Graduate Education (DRGE) is to oversee and implement the Dean/EVP's research policy and to share responsibility for the strategic planning and quality control of research and graduate education throughout the BSD. In this capacity, the DRGE advocates for the academic missions of ALL faculty in the BSD, promotes policies to engage faculty in academic decision-making, and works to ensure that governance practices pertaining to faculty throughout the BSD and the University of Chicago Medical Center are consistent with the core values of the University. A major goal is to ensure that ALL faculty in the BSD, regardless of department affiliation, have equal and effective advocacy for their respective academic missions.

In an effort to broadly engage BSD faculty in governance and decision-making processes, we convene regular meetings of three standing committees: the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), the Basic Science Chairs, and the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC).

The 12-member RAC works with the DRGE to identify and address the most pressing issues that affect our missions of research and education.

The Basic Science Chairs group enables the chairs of the ten Basic Science Departments to collaborate and discuss both emergent issues and longer-term planning processes and goals. This venue provides the chairs an opportunity to discuss with Deans and others stewardship strategies that can be applied to their leadership of their own departments.

The Faculty Advisory Committee, to which 18 faculty are elected to serve three-year terms by their fellow faculty in an annual election process, was created in May 2010 to further engage a broad representation of our faculty, and to help ensure transparency in our governance and decision-making practices. The mission of the FAC is to serve as a forum in which the Deans and the faculty can discuss major issues and impending decisions, and weigh their impact on faculty research, teaching, and scholarship.

Another major goal of the DRGE is to support the Dean/EVP in building and sustaining programs of academic excellence that span all aspects of our research and education missions. We seek to engage faculty in a Division-wide effort to evaluate our research, education, and training efforts, and to work with BSD leadership in the development of a dynamic, long-term divisional strategy which will include a focus on strategic recruitments, program development, faculty advocacy and data analysis. The purpose of this transparent and inclusive process will be to establish priorities for the future development of research and education throughout the BSD.

My staff supports the standing and ad hoc faculty committees and works in planning, organization and data analysis. Together, we seek to provide support to University of Chicago faculty as they pursue excellence in scientific and biomedical discovery.

If you have feedback or news to share, please feel free to contact me or a member of my staff. We look forward to hearing from you and to our continued collaboration in research and education.


T. Conrad Gilliam, PhD
Dean for Research and Graduate Education
Marjorie I. and Bernard A. Mitchell Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Human Genetics
Biological Sciences Division and the Pritzker School of Medicine of the University of Chicago

Conrad Gilliam