University of Chicago to establish Genomic Data Commons
The University of Chicago is collaborating with the National Cancer Institute to establish the nation's most comprehensive computational facility that stores and harmonizes cancer genomic data generated through NCI-funded research programs.
The Office of Faculty Affairs has a new website
Visit the new Office of Faculty Affairs website to learn more about BSD communications, awards, career development, faculty orientation, funding opportunities and more.
Evolution depends on rare chance events, "molecular time travel" experiments show
Chance events may profoundly shape history. What if Franz Ferdinand's driver had not taken a wrong turn, bringing the Duke face to face with his assassin? Would World War I still have been fought? Would Hitler have risen to power decades later?.
Do probiotics work?
These "good" bacteria are added to foods to promote a healthy environment of microorganisms in the digestive tract, supposedly to aid in digestion and promote good gastrointestinal health. Are these claims based in real science, or are they just another food fad to squeeze money out of consumers?
Source: Science Life
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